Are you planning to build your own home? Building your dream home is not an easy task at all. It is not only about giving contract to the builders or constructors and sometimes buying new materials. It involves a long process where you have to constantly monitor the activities of the workers.  Here we shall discuss about the long process that is involved in building a home from the very beginning to the end.


The foundation process is divided into earth work and concrete work. At first, the earth work is done where the excavations are carried on and filled with mud. During the concrete work, concrete is poured according to the drawing specs.

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The next step is framing where the external structure of a building is designed. This step involves building the skeletal structure of the home.

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Damp Proof Coarse

To protect the walls from damp, damp-proof coarse materials (a mixture of cement and water) of an inch thickness are laid on the floor. The Standard thickness of the layer is about 1 inch

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Masonry Work

The masonry work involves the use of cement mortar. The cement mortar is a combination of sand and cement. The ratio is usually 1:4 or 1:16. Here, a layer of mortar is drawn and the bricks are placed above it.

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The next thing to be formed is the lintel which is an opening above the door or windows. Although masonry works go on till the roof of the house, the spaces for the windows and doors are left open. These openings are lined with the cement concrete.

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Next the roof is laid with concrete slabs and reinforced as mentioned in the drawing. This is done once the masonry work is completed. The thickness of the slabs and the reinforcement details are decided based on the blueprints.

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Plastering and Pointing

Fourteen days after the concrete slabs are laid, plastering is started with the help of mortar which is mixed in the ratio 1:3 or 1:4. The plaster in the internal walls takes about seven days to gain strength. For the external walls, pointing is done instead of plastering.

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Doors and Windows

Next, it is the time to fix the windows and doors which can be wooden, metallic or of steel. The doors and windows frames are fixed after the masonry work and the panels and hinges are attached after the plaster work is done. After attaching the windows, they are painted.



Services like plumbing, electric supply, washrooms, gas supply to the kitchen etc. are not only necessary but essential for a house. So, these services are implemented after the basic structure is implemented. Conduits for electrical wire need to be attached to the walls prior to the plastering. Other works related to the electric supply are done at the later stage.

The above steps, if properly executed, will make you successful in making your dream house. So, first the drawing should be made and then the other construction work should be carried on according to the drawing.



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