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February 24, 2016
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Best TMT bar Manufacturers

It has been observed for years that poor quality materials used for building construction is the primary cause for the collapse of buildings. Poor building construction materials such as low-cost TMT bars save expenses during construction. However, in the long run, the maintenance charge is high and the building is prone to collapses. So, construction projects nowadays use high quality TMT bars, thereby making the structures earthquake-resistant.

Good quality steel bars have high ductility which is the reason why they can resist earthquake shocks. They also have improved bonding with the cement. Good bonding between steel bars and cements leads to earthquake resistance of buildings. Concrete has high compressive strength but low tensile strength. When combined with steel bars, they become tensile and help in protecting the building from earthquakes and blasts. Use of high quality iron bars make the foundation of the buildings stable and the maintenance charge in the long run is lower.

The ISI-certified TMT bars are the supreme quality bars which are IS-2830 certified. Maximisation of energy absorption capacity of various materials is one of the most important criteria for earthquake resistance. Also, since ductility and tensile strength of steel bars play significant roles in the earthquake resistance of a structure, quality and construction of TMT bars matter a lot. The characteristics properties of TMT bars which make them superior to the parental mild steel are:-

  • Definite yield point
  • Superior ductility
  • Weldability
  • Bendability

The bars are also known as quenched and self-tempered bars (QST). Earlier, the high quality TMT bars were only used in the earth-quake areas and their uses were limited in the non-seismic areas. However, with the passage of time, it has been observed that a building may collapse due to the use of poor quality TMT bars irrespective of whether there is an earthquake or not. Hence, the use of ISI-certified quality TMT bars has been made mandatory in some places. New laws and regulations are coming up which make it compulsory to use quality TMT bars with ISI certification. The construction companies should prefer using them for better results and reputations. It is not only necessary but essential in today’s scenario.

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