Diamonds TMT Plus bars are the most preferred brand of architects and construction experts because it offers great strength and excellent corrosive resistance to structures. It has also got extra bendability and weldability. Each bar is checked for optimum quality and comes with a BIS certification.


The heated billets are passed through the grooved rollers. Hot bars come out of these rollers are followed by three successive treatment phases to produce strong, ductile and flexible bars.
The Diamonds Plus TMT bars are produced through 3 stages of treatments such as Quenching, Self tempering and Atmospheric cooling. Each process is conducted with the utmost care and quality control which ensures the unmatched qualities of the Diamonds TMT Plus Bars.

QUENCHING – In this process the bars are cooled swiftly and energetically with water and air pressure in a cooling chamber so that the surface of the TMT bars are hardened rapidly. Only the surface becomes cool whereas the core remains hot. And gradually the heat from the core radiates out to the surface and enhances the temperature once again. The quenching process is responsible for making the TMT bars strong and flexible since the surface stays hardened whereas the core stays flexible.

SELF TEMPERING – As explained above once the bars leave the cooling chamber, the heat from the core spread to the surface of the bars. When the heat starts to flow from the core to the surface, the bars get tempered on the surface. And since the tempering happens with the residual heat from the core without any external involvement, it’s called self tempering.

THE ATMOSPHERIC COOLING – The hardened surface of the bar is known as the Martensite. This process is carried out on something known as the cooling bed. During atmospheric cooling the bars move through the cooling bed and the surface becomes cool once again. The core of TMT bar is made into a ductile ferrite – Pearlite structure. This makes the TMT bars highly ductile.

Diamonds TMT Plus bars are manufactured using the most advanced technology in a well-equipped facility by the best professionals. Our penchant for quality and the excellent features of the TMT Plus bars has helped us to become a sought-after TMT brand in the country.

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