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April 6, 2016
June 23, 2016
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Modern Day Fe 500D TMT Steel Bars: Strong, Malleable & Tensile

Diamonds Fe 500D TMT, Best TMT Bar Manufacturers In Kerala

It has been seen for many years that use of poor quality materials in constructing buildings is the main reason for the collapse of buildings. Poor quality materials like cheap steel bars contain high amount of carbon which does not provide much ductility and these materials are also subjected to high maintenance cost. Hence, construction companies use high quality TMT steel bars nowadays which have a low carbon content, high ductility and high strength to withstand earthquake shocks. Bureau of Indian Standards has certified TMT steel bars where TMT means manufacturing steel in a metallurgical process of “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”. Fe 500 and Fe 500D are one of the best TMT steel bars available today.

“Fe” stands for Iron out of which the TMT bars are made. The figure “500” implies the minimum yield stress in N/mm^2. The letter “D” in Fe 500D implies ductility which means that the steel bars have a higher percentage of elongation. They also have lower quantities of carbon, sulphur and phosphorous, which helps in preserving the steel and resisting earthquake shocks in future. These types of steel bars are produced under regulated manufacturing process and can be bend easily. There is a supreme connection between the steel and concrete. Concrete has only high compressive power, and hence when it is combined with the TMT steel bars, together they become ductile and highly tensile. TMT bars can be used in a variety of projects like bridges, dams, flyovers, buildings, railways, etc. The main advantages of using Fe 500D TMT steel bars are as follows:

  •  Easy Bendability  – Even though it has a tough outer surface, it is completely malleable due to the soft core which makes it extremely easy to bend in the required angle and shape.
  • Earthquake Resistance  – These are completely earthquake resistant mainly due to ductility and high tensile strength.
  • Superior Welding Strength  – Because of low carbon content, these can be welded easily.
  • Ductile and High Strength  –  This helps in keeping the structure completely safe against any shocks.
  • Resists Rust  – These have high corrosion resistance features which help in withstanding rust as they are made in a process undergoing thermo mechanical treatment.
  • Powerful Bonding  –  A strong bonding occurs between the steel bar and concrete, which helps in being ductile and tensile and in turn helps in withstanding earthquake shocks.

Diamond TMT is one of the greatest and most advanced manufacturers and suppliers of Fe 500D steel bars based in Kerala. The company produces excellent quality Fe 500D TMT steel bars using high quality materials by importing Heavy Melting Scrap unlike any other steel bar Production Company. This in turn helps in maintaining good quality and the perfect weight measurements for all the products made by the company. Diamond TMT is suitable for residential projects, infrastructural and industrial projects like Railways, Flyovers, Bridges, etc. and commercial projects like Shopping Malls, Institutions, etc. If you are in search of Fe 500D TMT steel bars, then check out the high-quality products manufactured by Diamond TMT Company at affordable prices.

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